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Uplifting the Farmers

Agri-Commodity Trading

Agro-Inputs Supplier

Premium Meat Supplier


Agri-commodity Trading

We pride ourselves in being Agricultural Commodity Specialists . We place emphasized focus on building strong, experienced local teams to drive value. They work closely with our suppliers and customers to provide an ecosystem with various product offerings to support operational requirements.

Premium Quality Meat

Meat Products Supplier

All of our Meat products are produced to the highest standards and we conduct full traceability back to the herds and flocks. Our production line involves three stages in the value chain (Slaughtering, processing, packaging/distribution) before it reaches the customer.


Traditional & Authentic

Agro-Inputs Supplier

We distribute a variety of Straight and Specialised Fertilizers globally. We procure from leading international markets that adhere to the strictest health and safety measures and international standards. We partner with governmental institutions and players in the private sector to understand their specific input requirements and offer a tailor-made approach.